Move Home Online is a British-based web site, advertising property which has been placed for sale by the owners themselves. We display the properties on the owners behalf and make their property available to millions of online property purchasers to help them find a buyer for their property.

Visitors to our site looking for property can make direct contact with the vendors and arrange viewings and even buy the house directly without any middle man involvement.

Move Home Online has been around since 2003 and during that time we have taken thousands of adverts from consumers all over the UK and sold many, many properties as a result. As each day passes, our site gets busier and busier. We check each property that goes up, and regularly keep in touch with our advertisers to ensure that property is removed prompty when sold.

Our support team are both fast and knowledgable. We answer 90% of queries during UK office hours within 60 minutes of them being raised. If you don’t believe us, send us a query and see how quickly you get a reply.

We do not display pop-up adverts and try and keep our pages as simple and clear as possible in order to make this process as easy and straight-forward as possible. We are constantly improving our web site to keep us on top of the competition and invest hugely in marketing to ensure maximum exposure of our homes. Move Home Online has been one of the most effective and largest sources of private property adverts for quite some time now.