Move Home Online are proud to have acquired the skills of a highly acclaimed Interior Designer and Home Staging specialist to publish regular topics on how to better set up your property to get the best possible price and the fastest possible sale.

Todays buyers are in the main looking for one thing – to move up the ladder to a bigger, better home. After all – your home is probably your biggest investment, and people want to live in the best property they can afford. As such, when a buyer starts their search, they will be drawn to those properties that they would aspire to living in.

Look in any estate agents windows and you will usually see a range of beautifully presented homes – people love to look at these properties and imagine themselves living in them. Agents will put their most attractive properties on their front displays for one simple reason – it draws people in.

In the same way, when a buyer is looking on the internet for suitable properties (as a significant proportion of buyers now do), the amount of properties they may come across can be overwhelming. They won’t be able to look at the details of all of the properties that their search comes back with; but if one has pictures that make it stand out then it is more likely to get their attention. If this is your property, it stands to reason that you are more likely to gain buyers interest and make that all important sale.

Home staging your property simply means making the absolute best of what your home can offer, and creating the right look and feel to enable a buyer to fall in love with your property rather than its competition.

Staging your property should always be the first step that sellers take when looking to sell. By having your home looking its best from the start of the process, it will allow the estate agent to value and market it accordingly, create fantastic photos for the marketing, give the buyers the opportunity to see your property at its best, and ultimately make it more likely that you will gain a quicker and more profitable sale.

So many sellers put their home on the market without doing anything to it to get it ready for selling. People assume that buyers will be able to see through their possessions as “they are not buying the furniture/accessories, they are buying the house” – however, most buyers want to be able to see what they are buying and its potential straight away. Badly presented homes give the buyer the impression that the sellers haven’t looked after their home, and therefore the buyer either offers a lot less for the house, or simply moves on to the next on their list. You wouldn’t sell a car without washing it first – and that’s a fraction of the price you would ask for your home. Spending a little time and money on staging your home will pay dividends when you get that sale.

Staging doesn’t have to cost a lot, and could mean the difference between having to lower the asking price or your home staying on the market for longer in order to get a sale.

A professional home stager will be able to advise on the most optimum places to spend your time and money when staging – in order to get the best return for your money. Many homeowners find that the money spent staging their home is actually gained back by a higher sale price (or a faster sale, saving extra mortgage payments).

If you are looking to sell your home soon, why not try using a few simple tricks to help you get that all important sale:-

  • Use neutral and light colours on the larger areas (walls, floors, kitchen units, bathroom suites). This will make your home feel spacious and clean.
  • Declutter each room and remove anything that will hinder a sale (personal photos, pile of magazines, masses of childrens toys etc).
  • Add splashes of colour in accessories to match the décor.
  • Clean windows thoroughly to ensure you get the most amount of light into each room.
  • Think “show home” at all times! You may have to live slightly differently while selling your home, but it will be worth it to be able to move into your new home that much quicker.